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No More Fucking Lasagne

The worst thing I could imagine (besides my own premature death, obvs) was the arse tumour nicking my sense of humour, my very sense of self. Give me cancer, but for godsakes don’t take away my irony.

A Few Things Cancer People Know

Look. Your body is trying to kill you, and now you’re taking medicine that's trying to kill your body. It is not the time to become a spirulina-loving Goop-reader.

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Why Therapy Is Not A Dirty Word

In this age of the over-share, I’m a bit bewildered at how stigmatised mental health treatment still is. I can bounce out of work early for an acupuncture treatment, but tell colleagues I’m off to my psych appointment and they go a bit blinky and weird.


The Only Child

I would tell anyone who’d listen that we tried, we wanted, we couldn’t. Which is all a touch miserable, and pretty offensive to the one excellent child we did manage to have.


Reflections on 2018

It’s oddly liberating to be able to legitimately claim ‘I’ve had the worst year of my life’. But it’s also strange to know others agree. I was having a blood draw the other day and ran through the headlines of my cancer diagnosis and treatment with the nurse. ‘Wow’, she said, head bent over my arm, ‘you’ve had a terrible year’. 

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Don’t Stop At Flowers

Here are five very practical, very easy things you can actually DO for someone who’s been recently diagnosed.


How to react when someone tells you they have The Cancer

If there’s one question I’ve received, more than any others, along this cancer ‘journey’ is “What should I say? Would should I NOT say!?”

So, drumroll … I’ve written a HANDY GUIDE.